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Healing Intensive: A week-long immersion to help you break through your difficulties in life

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Your acceptance of the waiver at the bottom of the page is required.

Waiver Statement:

Please Read Carefully Before Signing
This is a Release of Liability and Waiver of Certain Legal Rights

In consideration for my being permitted to participate in the activities of Blue Deer Center, I acknowledge that there are inherent risks, hazards and dangers due to the natural environment for anyone.

  1. As you enjoy the land, the sacred river that flows through this land or our wilderness areas, you will encounter naturally occurring conditions, unfamiliar plants and wild animals; you may encounter wet, icy and slippery conditions. We ask you to remember that some conditions, plants and animals may cause harm, injury or be dangerous. We rely on you to exercise caution and avoid contact. 

  2. When engaged in activities, such as hiking, wading or swimming, we rely on you to recognize your limitations and safeguard yourself. 

  3.  We ask you to exercise good judgment and stay out of restricted areas, such as storage buildings. 

  4. We ask you to respect personal property and valuables and report any missing items to Blue Deer Center staff. 

  5. We ask you to be considerate of and respectful toward other guests. If infants, children or minors under 18 years accompany you, you are responsible for their care, safety and behavior.

  6.  Any conduct that is risky, threatening, destructive, violates personal boundaries, and/or endangers you or others is not allowed. 

  7. Contraband, such as non-prescription drugs, illegal drugs or other substances cannot be kept or used on the premises. The Blue Deer Center reserves the right to dispose of contraband, to determine what conduct is or is not acceptable, and to require any guest to immediately leave the premises. 

  8. The right to remove any guest from the premises is separate and apart from arrangements with other guests or a program provider. Any inconvenience, expense or lost opportunity is your responsibility. 

  9. The Blue Deer Center is a large property with a variety of areas or conditions and accommodations. Difficult situations may arise. Sometimes illness flares or accidents occur. Difficult situations may be distressing. Illness might require medical attention. Accidents might cause injury or are  life threatening. We rely on you to immediately notify center staff of difficult situations, illness, accident and injury. Advising another guest or failing to advise center staff may create personal liability and endanger other guests.

  10. We rely on you to remember that the Blue Deer Center adjoins private property. Private property includes the “River House Property”; a property right on the river located at 90 Smith Road. We ask you to respect their privacy, to refrain from seeking their assistance or soliciting interactions with them, to refrain from trespassing on their property and to confine your activity to Blue Deer Center property.

  11. If you are a program participant, your provider chose this venue. We rely on you to bring program questions and activity concerns to your provider directly or program coordinator

  12. Food for program participants is provided by independent catering services. We rely on you to question food ingredients and bring special dietary requests or food allergy concerns to your program coordinator.

This guest waiver makes it possible for Blue Deer Center to be a retreat center for its guests and a venue for programs. By signing, you agree to its terms. You also agree to WAIVE, RELEASE, DISCHARGE and HOLD HARMLESS the Blue Deer Center, its directors, officers, staff, and the owners of the “River House Property” from any and all liability and damages arising from or related to illness or the worsening of an existing illness (including COVID-19), food related ailments or reactions, emotional discomfort or trauma, accident, injury, loss, and serious harm or death that may arise from your: 

  •  Presence at the Blue Deer Center as a guest or program participant;
  •  Use of center facilities, temporary structures and accommodations;
  •  Use of or activity on center land, at the river and on center wilderness areas; 
  •  Interactions with staff; 
  •  Presence on the land of or interference with the “River House Property''; 
  •  Interactions with or the conduct of other persons staying at the center, using the facility or enjoying the land and interactions with or the conduct of adjacent landowners. 

You understand that your attendance at Blue Deer Center programs and functions implies your agreement to be photographed by program staff or their designees for purposes of publicizing future events or the Center itself unless you specifically state otherwise in writing.

If you are accompanied by an infant, children or minors under the age of 18 years, by signing this guest waiver, you agree that its terms apply to them as well as yourself. 


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